New card type: Law Lists

Motivation: I have recently graduated from law school and am preparing to take a U.S. state bar exam in several months. Many of the exam questions require that one know what legal issues are appropriate to a scenario of facts. This implies that one must learn a set or an enumeration of elements, factors, or doctrines for a sizeable number of torts (civil offenses), crimes, constitutional doctrines, etc.

I want to create cards which have questions of the form, “What are the [elements, factors, doctrines, criteria, etc.] of [a specific legal issue]?” The answers will be in the form of an ordered list, with an optional mnemonic that helps the learner to produce the list items. (Ordering may or may not be intrinsic to the answer, but I think a constant order is a help in learning. See SuperMemo “Twenty Rules” rule 9.)

I considered the Cloze Overlapper add-on, but decided instead on creating my own note type so as to avoid each item being a separate card. Separate cards must be separately evaluated (Again/Hard/Good/Easy), which is an unnecessary user step, and may in some circumstances be presented separately from their siblings.

Each card created with the Law Lists note type may have a mnemonic field and up to “n” item fields (currently n=12). If there is a mnemonic, a “(mnemonic)” hint appears underneath the question on the front of the card so that the user will attempt to recall the mnemonic before showing the answer. The shown answer will begin with the mnemonic if there is one, or the first item otherwise. If there are any items not yet showing, then floating underneath are two buttons: Show Next and Show All. There are keyboard shortcuts for each (for desktop users). Show Next presents the next item in the list underneath those previously shown.

The mnemonic, if any, and each item is a card field, so it may contain multiple lines and/or images. Blank item fields are ignored, even if there are non-blank item fields following.

A card with no mnemonic and only one non-blank item field is equivalent to a Basic note type card.

I am hopeful that the card type will function well on mobile. I have tested it on iOS.

This .apkg deck contains the Law Lists note type templates and three sample cards:!AtQICNrlWwFfgYIHzPXbQdG9dPMEDQ

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know!


“This .apkg deck contains the Law Lists note type templates and three sample cards:”
Updated to 1.1:

I tried this card type, I won’t say a bug, but aa minor problem with AnkiDroid. There is a an option in AnkiDroid to use screen taps to assign commands to.
I had ‘tap left’ to set the review to “Hard”. And now whenever I click on show next button on this card,I automatically get to next card with a hard review on the one I was on.

Version 1.2 moves the buttons right by 40 pixels. See if that’s sufficient to accommodate AnkiDroid’s “tap left” option.

Updated to 1.2: