Is there a way to create Optional Cloze Cards? (think optional reversed card)

Does someone know a way I can create a note type that can merge two of my notetypes, one being basic another being cloze? Please tell me how to do so if possible.

I would like something that works like cloze when you insert cloze but otherwise works just like a basic card.

There isn’t. Adding/Editing - Anki Manual

The cloze note type is treated specially by Anki, and cannot be created based on a regular note type. If you wish to customize it, please make sure to clone the existing Cloze type instead of another type of note. Things like formatting can be customized, but it is not possible to add extra card templates to the cloze note type.

But you can use 2 separate note types and those cards will happily co-exist – in the same decks, the same study sessions, etc.


I wrote an addon Cloze Generator to overcome the issue that you cannot mix cloze cards with normal cards in a single note type.

The idea is that you generate the cloze note from the normal note by running the addon after the normal note has been created.

Not a perfect solution as the two notes are then independent, but at least you only enter the base information into Anki once.

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