Card type leading to issues in practice

Hi folks.

I’m having a problem where I’ve set up a card to have two note types, where I have my sentence with the word I wish to remember. In the below case, the word is inquiet

Basically, the two notes seem to always come up one after another, messing with me since for instance, if I just saw the sentence for inquiet, I’m not gonna have a problem thinking of one.

I think the problem is that I don’t have many reviews rn due, I’ve just added these notes so they make up the bulk of the review.

So, what I’m wondering is:

a) can I force the two types not to come one after another;


b) failing that, how would I go about forcing more notes to be

Obviously if you can think of better solutions, please tell me😃, and thanks for reading all this. You can see the screenshots below.

Deck Options > Bury new sibligns might work for you.


Perfect! Thanks a bunch.