How can i see only the front of the card?

Hi, i’ve just downloaded anki for desktop, and i’ve made some flashcards for studying microscope anatomy. The flashcard has the microscope slide on the front, and the name of the tissue on the back. I was wondering if i can see only the front of the card when i study and review them (and disable any option that makes me see the back before, since it doesn’t help me in studying). can you help me?


I would say in standard study mode normally you see just the front side and only when you flip the card you see the back side.
If this is not working you probably should describe your problem more detailed on how you do it.

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Is it that you’ve made “Basic (and reversed card)” and you only want to see Front->Back instead of also seeing Back->Front? Then change the note type to “Basic”.

Or, do I understand that you just want to see one side of a card, and then grade, without having the one extra step of advancing to the back before grading?

You may design your own card templates. You can, for example, make the Front Template

<script>document.onload = pycmd('ans');</script>

which will simply advanced to the back of the card. Then make the Back Template:


(or whatever you want to name the field - {{Slide}} or {{Image}} or whatever).


yeah you figured it out! I’ve changed the note type into “basic”. Thank you very much!!

Unlike the OP, I am looking to create a “single-sided” card effect, and so I tried your template solution. Unfortunately, Anki (2.1.53) is giving me the error message:

Card template has a problem. Expected to find a field replacement on the front of the card template.

Apparently, at least one field is mandatory on the front side. I tried leaving {{Front}} on the front side, but the solution doesn’t work (cards don’t advance to back side automatically).

Any idea what the problem is?