How to review just the front card

Is there a way to review just the front card? I used one of the basic card type. My card template is simple. Front template is the word that I am trying to learn, the back is the definition. My goal is just to learn to recognize the word and be able to read. Writing is not part of my learning.
Is this possible? And how to do it.

Use this

Front side of card

var isMobile = /Android/i.test(navigator.userAgent);

if (isMobile) {
  showAnswer();    // <---   Available in AnkiDroid
} else {
  pycmd('ans');      // In Anki Desktop 


Back side of card


Using above, this will auto show back card. So back card will we available for reviewing.

For iOS I have no idea.

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Thanks, I did have to make a small change on the if statement based on trial and errors. As I want to show the front on desktop, which is my main device