Navigating Through Cards Without Viewing Back Side - Is This Feature Available?

Is there a way to browse cards within a deck, where I can navigate back and forth through the cards, but only view the front side? Essentially, I want to be able to review the questions or prompts on the front of each card without automatically revealing the back side.

I tried using the Browse feature, but it showed me both the front and back sides of the cards. I wish I could view only the front side in the Browse feature.

This feature would be particularly helpful in certain study scenarios where I’m trying to see which cards I need to review today before checking the answer. If this feature exists, could you please guide me on how to enable or use it?

It’s easy to do this in the desktop version if you have access to that.

In the desktop version, in the Browse window in Cards mode, just click on a card in the listing, then click the Preview button.

Then click again on another card in the listing, and then you can scroll up and down with the arrow keys, and the Preview window will automatically update as you do so.

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I’m afraid there isn’t currently a way to do this in AnkiMobile. The closest you can currently get is to open the preview mode in the browse screen, ensure the two rectangles are shown on the top right, and then look away from the screen as you tap on the forward button twice to reveal the next question.

I realize that I’ve just asked the similar question in a parallel topic. I want to review only Back side of the card. Basically listen to audio like audiobook at some point.

I generate cards with python script and all audio files related. So I can try to create a script for that, and accomplish the task without deleting a card , just hiding it’s front side.

I normally run python scripts on laptop and use local Anki API. Is there a cloud API , so I could run the script in the cloud and do that job? Then I could just synchronise my app on iphone to the cloud.

You would need to use something like AnkiConnect to do this.

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