Mass Preview in Anki iPhone App

Say, for example I am browsing cards and I want to see cards with particular key word, both Ankidroid and Anki on iPhone lists the entire set of cards with that key word. But Ankidroid has the ability to directly glance the contents of back and front with out having to click the card. Unlike in Anki apple, this ability is missing and you have to click the card in the browser in order to see the entire front and back of the card. In Ankidroid we can select all these cards and can also take a preview tour of Q & A, which is not possible or there is no option of mass preview of cards at one stretch as in Ankidroid.

I think it is possible to see the Q&A in the browser in AnkiMobile, instead of the browser sorting field. You have to change it in the settings.

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Tapping on Options in the browse screen will allow you to set the columns to show the question and answer of each card. I suspect @doclps108 is asking for a “preview” option like the Preview button in the desktop version. AnkiMobile does not currently have such a feature, though you can approximate it by tagging or flagging the cards in the search, then creating a custom study or filtered deck with the tag/flag.


Thanks for the reply. More on this please. Elaborate!

Thanks a ton for the reply. Yes I did what you said, but notice how I cannot read the entire question and answer at a glance in the Anki Apple Mobile Version. This is possible in Anki Android where you can read the entire question and answer of all the cards at a glance in the browser section. Coz just before a massive test, I can’t use the numerous cards I have in a testing mode, rather I like to see all Q & As at a glance ASAP. Is there any other way or is any update coming soon?

Well, basically what @dae said. I don’t think you can do much more on AnkiMobile.