Latest iOS version makes browse display weirdly

Been using Anki on iOS for a couple months. I have auto update turned of on apps. Previously when I would go to browse and display buy the question, I would see some of the note fields displayed. After updating the screen is almost unusable. Now when I have the question displayed it looks like it gives me a little metadata, an ellipsis, then a portion of the very last field. Before it would start showing the first field and eventually run out of space, but I only needed the first field. In this case I don’t know what the _kg-diagco… is.

Not sure if this is a bug or intentional behavior but I can no longer brows effectively on iOS.

That was my thoughts too on seeing this screen. Turns out that you can now select which field to show as column. And the default was note type’s card type name. I didn’t even know those existed!

You can customize the columns in the options in browse.

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I tried customizing. None of the choices show the values of the card as they used to be displayed. The picture I show in my original post was where I picked to show the “Question”. The “Answer” was not any better. Displayed weird metadata.

I’m working with someone else’s shared deck so maybe it wasn’t built in a way with which the new app can work?

As I look more into it on some other cards, I do think it is something with the shared deck I have. I don’t think it’s metadata after all. I think it is a file name for a picture displayed on the card.

Edit: I confirmed this by removing the an img tag from the front of the card. Once I did that, it worked as I would expect for that one field. It is definitely now useable by me.

It is also possible to modify what’s shown in the question and answer columns in the computer version, by clicking on “Cards…” in the editor, then “Browser Appearance” in the top right. You can control which fields are shown in the question and answer columns, and AnkiMobile will honor those settings.