Browse list column settings problem

Hey guys, New to ANKI. Overall loving it so far but there is something that annoys me. I wonder if you could help solve the problem.

On iPhone when you go to browse mode and list opens, you can then go to options and choose columns that you want. I only want the question box content and one column. I change that it settings and it only displays one column as I want but then randomly starts showing other columns. So basically whatever I change in settings doesnt stick around. Anybody knows how to fix this?

I want this view

The app keeps going to this veiw

The column settings are stored in your collection, and synchronized to other clients. Please make sure your devices are in sync prior to changing the settings, and then sync after changing them. Do they persist after that?

Wow, seems like that was the problem. I synced everything, changed columns on both devices then synced again. So far looks as I want it to look. Thanks a lot for your help!

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