Is there a way to remove the "Question" string from the Answer column?

For some reason the answer column has a pre-set “Question” string prefixed to every item (see attached). Is there a way to remove that? I’d like to be able to quickly glance at the answer without having to basically stretch the answer field to take up the entire space (not to mention that this is not even possible to do on mobile)

I think you’ll be able to do that by editing the “Browser Appearance” for those card types. Styling & HTML - Anki Manual


I already tried that - the CSS styling in the card template doesn’t affect the appearance of the deck itself, only the card. Is there a way to somehow target the appearance of the deck itself? Or some other way to control what gets displayed in the fields on the deck view?

Edit: Ok I managed to overcome it by reversing the layout of the card and adding some CSS flex magic to reorder things around… but this isn’t exactly the most elegant solution (not to mention that this only kinda works on Desktop; it looks incredibly ugly on mobile). Would be nice if there was a proper way to impact the appearance of the deck

The link I posted was specfically about “Browser Appearance” – how your cards/notes appear in the list in the Browse window. My apoligies if I mistook what you were asking about. It seemed an exact solution to your issue, and there’s no need to change the Styling tab or any of your templates.



I know it works for AnkiDroid, so I’d be surprised if it doesn’t work for AnkiMobile as well.


OMFG!!! I can’t believe this option existed all this time! Thank you!!!

You guys should make this feature more well-known. This is buried way too deep (even now with your screenshot, I couldn’t fully grasp where this option was; nor is it properly specified in the documentation… I eventually found it through a Youtube video someone posted)

Ugh, to think of all this time I wasted trying to make things look readable… better late than never I suppose :face_holding_back_tears:

Edit: I do already notice a few drawbacks with this feature tho:

  1. On desktop, the {{Answer}} field also shows the voice recordings (which is indeed part of the field… but in mobile for some reason it omits it and only shows the answer, which actually looks much better.)

  1. Bug: The display order keeps changing and being ignored whenever I close the deck and reopen it. I have to constantly press the sort by notification date (even though its already selected) in order to refresh the sort again.

  2. Bug: answers that have a string in common with the question are hidden (for example on my Italian deck - the word “normale” only shows “e”, since the english/question field says “normal”. Or the word “dilemma” is completely blank because it’s spelled exactly the same in both languages)

Admittedly, this is a feature I found by accident when I was looking for something else :sweat_smile: , but that might have been user-error on my part. I could have used a better link to introduce the feature – Card Templates - Anki Manual. It’s also described and linked to from the section about the columns in the Browse window – Browsing - Anki Manual – so It seems pretty well addressed in the manual.

I avoid putting text and audio in the same field of a note, so I can’t see what the difference is. Do you have a screenshot of how it is different? Is it AnkiDroid or AnkiMobile?

In AnkiDesktop? Which version are you using? Do you have any add-ons that affect the table in the Browse window? (Try it with those turned off.)

What fields did you use for these overrides? (How are they different from what is on your regular template?) What is contained in those fields for the “normale” and “dilemma” cards/notes?

Here’s the mobile version (AnkiDroid). You can compare it to the desktop version I posted above

In AnkiDroid. After playing around it with a bit more, I realized this only happens when the decks are shown as notes in the browser options. It works fine when the decks are shown as cards. (on second thought, this could be a generic bug and unrelated to the Browser Appearance change… I just changed the toggle options to “notes” in the browser options now, since it appears much cleaner now after the change I made).

You mean in the Browser Appearance? Just {{English}} and {{Answer}}.

All cards use the exact same template. The only difference I notice is that the ones with the omitted string happen to have a substring in common in English

It doesn’t look like any of those are the same notes … For the Desktop & Droid devs to decide what they want to do about that, they’ll probably need to start with an apples-to-apples comparison.

Is “{{Answer}}” the name of the field on your note type? What I’m trying to figure out is what data is specifically being requested from the note. I cannot think of a way that Anki could be only calling part of the contents of a field.

Does this also only appear in “Notes” view? Or also in “Cards” view. I’m not able to reproduce it in either one [Note to self: diploma].

When it comes to the audio recording not showing up on mobile while it does on desktop - the screenshot demonstrates it. All of my notes have voice recordings, so it doesn’t matter which notes are shown in the screenshot.

Indeed. I even tried to change the field name to {{Target}} to see if that would change things, still the same. And it’s 100% the common substring causing this. The moment I add a letter that is different in the English version, it immediately shows up on the target field (and then disappears again when I remove the letter).

In the Cards view, luckily the reverse version shows it correctly. You can compare in this screenshot the bug on the English-to-Italian on “normale”, and the successful version on the Italian-to-English above it

The text from the question is stripped from the start of the answer side, so that the typical user that is using {{FrontSide}} doesn’t see the question repeated in the answer side. You can avoid that happening in your case by making a trivial change, like adding a space at the start of your back template.

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That probably explains why I wasn’t seeing the same thing – I don’t use {{FrontSide}} on those cards.

I tried that, doesn’t work. I also tried to add a space to the Browser Appearance, but it automatically strips it after I save it… so that doesn’t work either.

Edit: OK, I just changed the space to a “|” in the Browser Appearance, and that works.

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