Question not necessary after answer

How do I prevent duplicate question part from appearing on the back of the card ?

It distracts my vision, confuse my cognitive ability, and waste my time.

You need to adjust your card template. E.g. you have a field Front and a field Back, you need to remove the reference {{Front}} from the backside of your card.

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Other than {{Front}} it might also have {{FrontSide}}

Then, I am afraid that the necessary question part would be removed which would make the situation worse. In the backside, the structure is question | answer question(again!) What needs to be removed is the end part of the question coming after the answer.

For example, the attached is the template of “back”
I don’t know exactly which part is the end part of the question coming after the answer.

And I also wonder if I change one card’s structure, the rest of the cards will change too ?


Yes, as you change the card‘s template.

Could you please provide a screenshot of one card‘s frontside, one card‘s backside and tell us which content you don’t want to see when?

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Just remove the final line, the one that says:

<div style='font-family: "Arial"; font-size: 20px;'>{{Front}}</div>

It’s not clear how that line ended up there.

Keep the first line that says {{FrontSide}}


Thank you very much for your kind answer !

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Problem solved ! Thank you so much ! You have provided me with a really pleasant study environment !


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