The answer shows on front AND back! Help?

First of all, I really want you to know that I did search my problem on the forum and google (which is how I found this forum!) before posting. Alas, the solutions didn’t work (I don’t have a gear at the bottom of the card or it worked to flip the card but I didn’t want to do that).

So, my problem is that the solution shows on the front side of the card with the question. I didn’t do anything to change the format of the card but perhaps it came that way or I altered it accidentally without noticing.

This is what it says on my edit page:

< div style = 'font-family: Arial; font-size: 20px; '> { { Back } } < /div >

And, maddeningly, this is what it says on the front of the card:
Ser - Present Subjunctive - Yo

The “Sea” above is the answer and should not be on the front of the card. It isn’t typed to be there.

Please, like you speaking to a 5 year old, is there any assistance you could offer?

I added spaces above so it would appear in the question.

Try editing your templates to be like this:

Front template:

Back template:

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What in the world!!

Thanks, abdo, you’re awesome! That was exactly the problem! I can’t imagine how they got mixed up like that.

Seriously, Thank you!

You may want to use the following on the back template, so the question also remains visible:

<hr id=answer>

Brilliant! Thank you!