Ansers shower up next to question

I tried to change the size of my font on this deck of cards (still hasn’t worked) and now my answers are showing up next to the question. I am just trying to keep it so the answer does not scroll to the bottom. I cannot change it back

Could you please post a screenshot of your front template and your styling section as well? If you just want to remove the question on the answer side, remove everything except {{Back}}. If you don’t want the answer to show up on the question template, remove {{Back}} there. To chance the font size, adjust the value following “font-size” under “styling”. (Styling & HTML - Anki Manual)


I just changed it back to the “default” settings and the size and font are ok. I did have issues with the front and back of the fields were different sizes but managed to change it. I THINK everythng is ok now. Thank you!

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