Anki is hiding my questions while asking them to me

I have decks and subdecks. My deck is Metrics and I have subdecks length, weight, etc, my card type is Basic type in the answer.
The problem:
I click on the deck Metrics to study my subdecks however the only part that shows is where I type the answer. The question is not showing up just space to type.

Please Help.
Thank you

Mosty likely you only have the type field in the front template. Make sure it is as the following:


The weird thing is that these past 2 months everything has been fine until yesterday it just shows me where to type but it is not showing me the question.

Also, if i uninstall anki and reinstall again will i lose everything?

You won’t lose any data nor would solve the issue with the template if that is the motive.

What can i do then? Please help me.

edit the template. Please share a screenshot of the template. Cards… button

Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it.
I created a new basic write in card one without the template and one with it. However, it continues to hide the question.

Please do the step I asked so I can help you.

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ok so this


I see, the template is fine. The type: goes in the template only, not inside the field.

this popped up

so like this?
{{type:back}} 25.4 millimeters (mm)

I am still not able to see my questions
again thank you so much for your help

Front field:
___millimeters (mm) = 1 inch

Back field:

25.3 millimeters(mm)

I think cloze note type will work best for your case if you only whant to type in the number.

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