Extra card after the content of the cards I want to study

Whenever I try to study my anki cards I get the content of the first card I made that adds at the end of it. It’s very unconfortable and I tried to erase it, I even deleted that first card, but it keeps showing up.

It only appears when I’m studying or displaying the card, not when I click explore to arrange the cards structure or when I edit them.

I’m kinda bad with computers sooooo plis help! I have Windows if that can help

here you can see the extra info

Thanks a lot!

That text probably got added to the Card Template, you can check it out by clicking the “Cards” Button in the editor window.


But I not only get that extra text at the front of the card but also the answer to that same extra card at the revers. Does it make sense?

Could you post screenshots of your front and back templates? Or export and send me your cards?