Anki Cards all Showing At once on a single card

So instead of showing something like this, “What color is a solution of Cu2+” I am getting this:

What color is a solution of Cu2+Notes found in file: 399 Notes skipped, as they’re already in your collection: 399 [Identical] 1) BIOLOGY Short Answer Rough endoplasmic reticulum is named rough because it possesses what cellular structures?, Ribosomes, [Identical] 1) BIOLOGY Short Answer In humans, backflow of blood from ventricles into atria during contraction is prevented primarily by what structures?, Valves, [Identical] 2) CHEMISTRY Short Answer Arrange the following 4 substances in order of increasing pH: orange juice; human gastric juice; blood; aqueous ammonia, ANSWER: HUMAN GASTRIC JUICE; ORANGE JUICE; BLOOD; AQUEOUS AMMONIA, [Identical] 3) PHYSICS Short Answer What is the scientific term for a change in velocity per unit time?, Acceleration

It does this for just a few decks, and it shows the correct card on the edit screen but not the template one. How can I fix it? Thanks

You’ve accidentally pasted text into your template.

Oh, thanks