Shortcuts on Ipad


I have been using Anki for the last 5 years and AnkiMobile for the last 3 years. Until now I only used the anki mobile app as a companion and used the desktop version as my main.

Currently I purchased ipad 12.9 making it my main setup. I miss my workflow, shortcuts and the general preview of Anki Desktop.

It would be really great if we could use the shortcuts for Anki Mobile (for ex adding tags) and add columns in the browse window. (please do let me know if I am unaware how to configure shortcuts, i couldnt figure it out)

Thank you.

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Could you elaborate on what you mean by a shortcut for adding tags?

Currently the browse screen only supports two columns at a time, mainly because there’s no built-in functionality in iOS for resizing columns as far as I’m aware.

I used Ctrl+Shift+A for adding new tags, Ctrl+J suspend/unsuspend etc.

Ok, thanks. AnkiMobile doesn’t currently have an action to add tags to selected cards, but I’ll keep an eye on demand for it. Adding a shortcut for toggling suspend is possible, though unfortunately it’s not possible to select/navigate the card list entirely with a keyboard, so it will still be somewhat more cumbersome than using a computer.