[REQUEST] Action: Add Tags

It would be nice to have an Action to Add Tags so we can add it quickly while reviewing.

Thank you for the suggestion, I will keep an eye on demand for this. In the mean time, you can tap on Edit and then the tags area to add tags to the current note.

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Could also be something like a new URL Scheme for adding tags if its feasible: anki://x-callback-url/addtags

this actually would be even better it its possible to add and remove tags through the URL scheme

Doesn’t AnkiConnect already allow adding tags to notes?

ankiconnect uses a server that must be running all time I guess, so its not useful for a normal use case

AnkiConnect starts with Anki and is running as long as Anki is open, and it doesn’t require any set up from the user. So I would say it’s quite easy to interact with.

Not saying its not easy to use, just that for a main ankimobile’s user, for review at least, its just impractical

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