Getting Clickable Tags to work on Ankimobile, or any alternative addons that work?

At the moment, I have just downloaded the Clickable Tags add-on (the one compatible with the latest version of Anki) and on my Mac, it works fine - I can click the tag to view all other cards with it, and it is highlighted in its own box. However, on AnkiMobile, it just blends in with the text of the card in a rather ugly way, and it loses all its functionality as I can’t click on it. Hence why I was wondering if it actually works on iOS, and if not, whether there are any alternatives.

NB: Also posted on Reddit with little success, but I am aware of course that this isn’t the add-on page.

There’s no way to get clickable tags with an add-on. However, clickable tags come as a native feature in Anki 2.1.50, and with some luck, you’ll see it in AnkiMobile soon.

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Ok - many thanks! I was wondering whether it could be a security issue with iOS, or whether the add-on simply wasn’t working (considering I had added the necessary fields to the card template)! Thanks a lot once again.

I just had a look at the add-on listing…

I was talking about clickable tags in the editor, not during review. 2.1.50 will have support for clickable tags in the editor.

However there’s no way the add-on can work on AnkiMobile. To have clickable tags in the reviewer on AnkiMobile, you’d have to use JavaScript in the template.


I’m afraid this is not currently possible - while links can be created on card templates, there is no way to open the Browse screen with JavaScript at the moment.

You can hide the tags on mobile however, by wrapping them in a div like so:

<div class=clickable-tags>{{clickable:Tags}}</div>

And then adding something like the following to your template styling:

.mobile .clickable-tags { display: none; }