Hint Fileds/Buttons not working on AnkiMoblie

I use the below card template to allow for 2 hint fields/buttons on each card. The hint fields/buttons show the field when clicked during study. This works perfect on AnkiWeb and desktop. But I just purchased AnkiMoblie on iOS, and when tapping the button, nothing happens. Is there a way I can modify the below code to work on AnkiMoblie?

Doing some research, a similar problem was fixed by chaning from JQuery to JavaScript. I don’t really know what that means or how I could do it, but it did fix the similar problem someone else had.

EDIT: Further working with this has shown if I do a Long Press on the button to select the text, then tap again, the button work. This allows me to review the cards, it’s just inconvienent.

Some options: