AnkiWeb Browse Deck


Is it possible to browse through a whole deck at once in AnkiWeb, like the Browse feature of Anki Desktop?

I’m new to Anki and trying to figure out how it all works. While I will primarily use the desktop app, it would be helpful if I could look through all the cards at once in the web version. Is this currently possible? I don’t see any options or buttons to do so, but perhaps I missed something?

Also, is this possible in the Apple AnkiMobile app? Since I’m new I don’t know yet whether I will buy it, but it will be a part of my consideration.

Thank you

You can search through cards in AnkiWeb by using the Search function. However, the things you can do in AnkiWeb are very limited, as you can not even delete cards IIRC. If you are serious about Anki, buying the AnkiMobile app is well worth it as donation and payment to keep the AnkiWeb servers up and running.

AnkiMobile supports searching through your cards with the same search parameters as in Anki for Desktop. Obviously, doing some things on mobile will be more tedious, but basically AnkiMobile (and AnkiDroid for Android) support the same things you could do on Desktop, with the exception of using add-ons.


Okay, thank you!