Unable to search in all Decks

As far as I can tell, it is not possible to search in all decks, e.g. to check if you have already entered a word in one of your decks. This is a serious limitation IMO and seems a strange omission , so wanted to check that I am correct in this. Assuming this is not possible, I will not be switching to Anki/Ankimobile from the other flashcard app I use (which also has this limitation - bizzarely no one seems to think a global search is an important feature, which should be incredibly simple for developers to implement…)

I could be misunderstanding what you want to do, but try this in the search box: deck:_* searchterm That should search all decks. If you click on the parent of all the decks in the list on the left underneath where it says Card State, it’s labeled Decks and should auto fill in that syntax to the search box.

Entering a simple term in the search field will search all your notes.

In case it displays deck:current you‘ll have to remove this first.

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Unfortunately these suggestions do not work for the version I have (Version ⁨2.1.65 (aa9a734f)⁩. The only search facility I can find is via “browse”, and it appears that “browse” is activated for a specific deck, hence any search is already limited. I will post screenshots if this forum allows…

The cards of the current deck are shown by default. If you actually search for something, it will search all decks.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t search all decks, just the deck that was selected when clicking browse. This behaviour makes sense given the presentation of the UI.

But the problem remains of course that it seems impossible to search all decks. It could be that this works in the iPhone/android version, However I’m unwilling to pay the £22 without that being clear in advance.

So if anyone knows of another search finction or some hidden setting that needs to be set please let me know. Otherwise I’ll need to find an alternative flash card app.

You do not need any hidden trick to achieve that.

At least on Anki Desktop, all you have to do is to open the Browser and then search for something using the Browser bar.
The search will be across all decks, unless otherwise specified.

Why are you under the impression that the search is limited to the current deck? Would you please elaborate? Some screenshots would also be helpful.

I know this isn’t particularly helpful, but I can search across all decks using both anki desktop 2.1.65 and ankidroid browser as described by jojo55 and ferophila above. Hard to say what’s happening in your case without more information.

ETA: Also, in anki desktop Preferences/Editing, you can set the default search text that appears in the browser search bar, including the deck searched by default.

Interesting, since I created a second deck, giving me three in total including the “default”, the search does now work across all decks. Before that, the browse-search function only returned results from whichever deck I had opened browse dialog from. So yes this does indeed work now.

Now I just have to create a data transformation process to convert the xml exports from ankiApp into the form that anki will import… Unfortunately I originally used ankiApp and created many decks before realising it has bugs and zero support :frowning:

You might want to try a community add-on to import notes from AnkiApp - AnkiApp Importer - AnkiWeb

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