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Show all flashcards of a deck in one list


Is there some way I can view all flashcards in a deck in a list? The way you can on Quizlet.

Thanks in advance

You can view your cards in the browser, or you can export your deck to a text file.


How exactly? I only see options to share, delete, or rename my deck.

Assuming you are on the program Anki and not the site Ankiweb, there should be buttons just above the list of decks with the words: “Decks Add Browse Stats Sync”. The browse button opens the browser.

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I only have one deck and there are no options above it. I can go to the three dots at the top right and choose from options like “check database”, but nowhere can I show a list of all of the flashcards with their corresponding answers.

There are several interfaces, one for each portage of Anki to a specific platform. Could you specify which one you are using, so we can provide precise information on where to find the button to browser cards?
If you are using Anki on a computer, as a desktop application, it’s just Anki.
If you are using Anki through you webbrowser, it’s AnkiWeb (although you should not rely on AnkiWeb, because it only has a subset of Anki’s features).
If you are using Anki on a phone or tablet with Android, it’s AnkiDroid.
If you are using Anki on a phone or tablet made by Apple, it’s AnkiMobile.

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What @BlackBeans said. I assumed you where using the Anki Desktop version, as that’s the topic you posted the question to. It’s also the forum default, so maybe that’s why.

I mostly use AnkiDroid (Anki for Android) which has the same “three dots” menu. On AnkiDroid the three lines menu on the top left (same height as the dots) has the “Card browser” page as the second option.
Sometimes called a Hamburger menu circled in red


Thank you, that works for my phone. Is there an option for this on pc in the browser too? Or only on the program?

No, there is no way to do this from the browser. In general, AnkiWeb (on the browser) is mainly here to sync your decks, not to review them.

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