Count cards of my decks

How can I count how many cards I have in my decks ?

Go to Browse view, select the deck in the side panel and it will display you all the cards of this deck in the main view, providing also a card count.

Hi, thank you for you response, but :slight_smile:

What is the “browse view ?”
and I don’t have any “Side panel”

It is the view you get when you click on Browse (bar on the top or B) after starting Anki.

Hi, thanks

If you wanted to show me an image, there is no one.

But anyway yes I tried “B”, and yes it’s a “browse-like” mode I use to see. Yes there are my decks on the left. Yes all the cards appear when you select a deck. But absoltly no total (my question)

Anki has a main view, where your decks are shown. There is a menu bar at the top:

  • Decks
  • Add
  • Browse
  • Stats
  • Sync

When you choose Browse (or type B, Browsing - Anki Manual) you can choose e.g. a deck from the sidebar. Now you will see a card/note count at the top of your window.

You can also choose Stats (or type T, Statistics - Anki Manual) to go the statistics screen. Here is also a total and per deck card count.


thank you it’s perfectly clear

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