Anki not showing full number of cards in deck

Hi, I just started using anki now and when I create my cards (basic type in, image occlusion, cloze,…) in my deck and when I click browse on both iPhone and my windows laptop, I can see 100 cards. But when I go to the main “decks” menu, I can only see 83 cards. I tried counting up all the basic type in and cloze cards and they match up, so that leaves the image occlusion cards, which I am missing 17. Could you please advise on what I can do? Thank you very much

Do you have any review limits?

The main “Decks” screen is not intended to show you all of your cards. It’s only going to show you cards that are due and available to be studied (e.g. not buried, not filtered). Anki's not showing me all my cards! - Frequently Asked Questions