Number of Cards in a Deck

Hi There,
i’m new to this amazing tool of Anki and i’m having trouble finding out how many Cards each Deck contains. This should be something really easy to find, but i can’t somehow find that out.
Any Suggestion? thanks!

With the browser, for example.

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The count is shown in the Browser title bar.


I could see the Card browser option in the Menu using the AnkiDroid. But on Anki-Desktop on my Mac i can’t see such option. Even if you open the Browse Option you don’t get such info displayed.

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  1. Go to “Browse”.

  2. Select a deck, then, in the Browser title bar(upper left corner), you should be able to see the number of cards the selected deck contains.


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Thank you very much. Now i see it :sweat_smile:

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You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: