Major bug in search function or help required

This is either a major bug or something that I do not understand when using the search function : When using the general search function it only searches one deck, not all. This is a deal breaker for me as want to avoid duplicate entries in decks therefore the ability to search all decks is key. So would appreciate some feedback on this , otherwise i will have to search for an alternative application and re enter all my cards… NB This is also a problem on windows version - I have Anki unlimited license.

Hi, do you use Anki or something like AnkiApp („Anki unlimited license“)?

If you use Anki, make sure the prefix


(which limits the search to your current deck) is not present in your search field.

Hi. I use both windows / desktop version and iphone version. Simply using main search function which seems to suggest it will search everywhere, yet it only searches one deck despite me not indicating any deck in particular to search

And yes it is “AnkiApp” , but simply searching on content that I want to search for , nothing more than that

We don‘t provide support here. If you like to switch to Anki (more powerful, cheaper, active community) the article details how to import content from AnkiApp.


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