Browse within deck by default?

Apologies if it breaks etiquette to post about a closed topic, but I am still wondering about the following question posed in 2021:

What’s the default “search” when browsing now? Also, how do I choose to browse “current deck”

Years later, hitting enter in Browse still results in a list of all cards in all decks. But in 2.1.40, which I really miss, I was able to hit enter to just search within the current deck. Are there any updates on this situation? It would be such a relief to be able to search within the current deck with just one keystroke instead of having to always type “deck:current”, which I find myself doing dozens or hundreds of times a day.

Either make a saved search or use the dropdown button of the search bar to use previous search terms.

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Thank you, that sounds like it should work. Sorry to be dense, but what is meant by “right-clicking the topmost item in the sidebar”? I have right-clicked around a bit and have not found any option to “Save Current Search”.

German-language user interface, hopefully you will find your way around.

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I understand the German, but I’m afraid I still don’t see how you got there. This is what I see:

I have tried right-clicking all over the place, and haven’t found any of those searches with hearts next to them that you have.

Your sidebar is somehow hidden. Do you use an add-on to hide it?


Ah, I’m sorry, I completely forgot that I was using “Browser MaximizeHide TableEditorSidebar”. When I first encountered the sidebar, after over a decade of not having it, I thought it took up too much space and wasn’t necessary, so I guess I found that add-on and then forgot about it.

Temporarily disabling “Browser MaximizeHide TableEditorSidebar”, I see exactly what you kindly showed me earlier in the sidebar. However, I think I will have to live with typing “deck:current” all the time, because I find that more tolerable than the sidebar.

Thanks so much for your help and patience!

You can also make that your default search text, if that’s what you generally/usually/always want to see when you open Browse – and never have to type it again. Preferences - Anki Manual


Thank you, Danika_Dakika, that is exactly what I needed! I’m sorry, I see now that I should have just read the manual. I’ll do that before making more requests.

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