What's the default "search" when browsing now? Also, how do I choose to browse "current deck"

On Mac
Previously was able to just hit “enter” when entering Browser to bring up the current deck. That doesn’t seem possible anymore. Is there an obvious solution / change in recent update? Just came to .42.




The current deck is shown by default now - unless you opened the browser from the reviewer, then only the current card/note is displayed.

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When there’s a current card in review, hitting enter searches the entire collection now - maybe searching the current deck in that case might be better?

Before, hitting “B” for “Browse” during review, and then hitting “Enter” would filter to “deck:current”.

That was a nice and easy workflow that did not require taking the hands off the keyboard.

The probability that I intend to search something other than the current deck during review is practically zero, but I still easily could - by not hitting “Enter” first, but directly starting to type a search term instead.

Now, hitting “Enter” in a fresh deck browser takes me to “all decks”, so does directly typing a search term. There is no way to go to the current deck without taking my hand off the keyboard and reaching for the mouse.

So the number of equally easily available (!) behaviors went from two (search current deck, search all decks) to one (search all decks). That’s practically a regression.

Is there any harm in going back to the “hit Enter to search current deck” behavior that I’m overlooking?


You could bring up the current deck before because there was this special default string ("<press Enter to …>") which was also a bit awkward, though. Now the only solution would be to show the current deck for the empty search string, but I think that’s rather unintiuitive and not all users would appreciate that.
If you only want to use the keyboard, you could make “deck:current” your topmost saved search, and then BCtrl+Shift+REnter would do the job. (Not saying it’s an elegant solution.)

@Rumo if you’d prefer not to hack in the above suggestion, maybe an alternative would be to search for deck:current even when there’s a current review card, and just automatically select the current card/note from the displayed entries. What do you think?

Yes, that might be more useful.

I’d very much prefer a solution that does not required black magic.

I’m not a keyboard fetishist who basks in being able to remember byzantine combos, I’m the kind of person who appreciates to press one, preferably large, key to get a certain, well defined effect. :slight_smile:

With every change to established UI patterns, there needs to be a balance between the change itself and the overall benefit it brings. I can see streamlining keyboard shortcuts to increase overall homogeneity, but here, it’s just a change for its own sake.

People who did not use the feature won’t miss anything, people who did will. There is no gain for either side. Bringing the behavior back will not disrupt anyone, only un-disrupt those who were relying on it.


Yes, this is a major regression. I’ve got a lot of decks, including multiple languages. I almost always want to search the current deck, so I was that was default, but typing ENTER before made it tolerable without this. Now that’s gone and I have to go clicking every time I search.

Best solution:
Make it a user choice to always default with "deck:current " or not.

Next best:
Bring back the old behavior.


Please try the next beta when it becomes available and see if it meets your needs.