Poll: where should whole collection and/or current deck go?

The current beta has reworked the sidebar code, and ‘whole collection’ and ‘current deck’ have been left missing or feeling a bit out of place.

Where do you think is the best place for them?

Some options:

  • Making the top “Decks” node clickable to show the whole collection; either keeping Current Deck in recent, or moving it to the first child of “Decks”
  • Putting both at the top of “Decks”. Perhaps logical, but it pushes the commonly-used “current deck” further down the screen, and may trigger OCD in some users for not having the deck list fully alphabetical.
  • Putting “whole collection” or both in the default “Saved Searches”. It means we can’t change the wording when the user switches interface languages, and they could be accidentally deleted. I’m not sure “whole collection” by itself is a good choice for a default saved search, as it’s an empty string, and might be a bit confusing.
  • Putting both at the top of the list, like before. This gives them extra prominence - which might make sense for “current deck”, but are people using “whole collection” that frequently?

Other suggestions welcome. What do people think?


Perhaps there is no need for “whole collection” at all :neutral_face:

To me it would feel right if clicking on the top-level node “Decks” (& maybe “Tags”) would show the whole collection. Currently, clicking on them does nothing.

I can only represent my view here, but I have never used "whole collection", but instead always entered an empty search to get all notes because it was faster (and initially, I was intimidated by the word "collection" and didn't know what exactly it meant ^^).

Yeah, I feel like “whole collection” is not as widely used as “current deck”, but a few people have said they missed its presence. Making the top level decks node clickable seems like a fairly neat way of solving this - I’ll add it to the list above.


I really like @kleinerpirat’s idea regarding “whole collection”.
I also like putting “Current deck” as the first item of decks. I think alphabetical order can easily be forgiven here, with “current” being a keyword, not an actual deck. The items in “Recent” are not in alphabetical order either.

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I also wouldn’t miss Whole Collection. If it’s not obvious how to show all cards, it could be described in the search bar placeholder.
Current Deck could also be removed in my opinion if we got an indicator in the sidebar instead, say a different colour for the active deck or it’s last visible ancestor. Then you wouldn’t even have to click it to find out what the current deck is.

I agree that this would be the most intuitive behaviour. On the other hand, it would mean putting a rarely used and potentially very slow search in the most prominent position, because then, almost all roots had to show the whole collection and put the empty string in the search bar.

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In the current dev code I’ve experimented with moving current into the top of decks, making the decks root search whole collection, and making the flags root search for any flags. These changes are not set in stone, just thought we should try them out.

I wonder if it might make sense to make the tags root be ‘any non-empty tag’? We could also potentially nest ‘no tags’ directly below it, like current deck.

I’m not really sure highlighting the current deck is the best option - some users have giant deck trees, and they’d need to scroll up and down to locate it. It also would require expanding any parent decks to make it visible.

I thought of suggesting the same :slight_smile:

These changes are in the latest beta - what do people think?