Browse and current deck selection in search bar

I’m using Anki 2.1.43

In older editions, when using the “Browse” function from a certain deck, the current deck would not just be selected, but also be identified in the “Search cards / notes” input control (“deck:current”), so that I could easily add other flags for searching purposes.

Now, in the search bar there’s nothing at all, so If I want to search within that deck I first have to select the deck from the left sidebar.

Is this a wanted behavior? For me it’s very inconvenient.

Thank you!

The problem is stable across restarts (Anki and computer), without add-ons, and after checking the database. The version is stated in the previous message.

It seems a design issue, because when pressing Enter I get:

Instead of:

.43 is not the latest version. The latest version has an option in the preferences screen that controls what is displayed.

OK, I updated and set “deck:current” as default. It’s now working as before. Thank you!