[Feature Request] Allow changing default browse search query


It would be great if AnkiMobile had an option to customize default filter/search query used when clicking “Browse”. This would bring the feature parity to the Anki Desktop:


Currently, AnkiMobile always starts browser with deck:current. With decks like AnKing STEP, it isn’t very useful as most/a good chunk of cards are usually suspended. Being able to customize the default to e.g. -is:suspended would greatly improve the UX (+ speed up the dialog ;)).

I’ve added this to the todo list.

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Do you have any public issue tracker where one can subscribe to be notified when a feature lands? :slight_smile: This one is especially something that I use multiple times per day.

There isn’t a public issue tracker I’m afraid, but when new features come they typically get mentioned in the ‘what’s changed’ section.

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