2.0.84 Card Info not working

I have downloaded the new version, and when I select Tools/Card Info I just get a blank screen (previous versions showed the history and ease). On the plus side, I was able to validate the custom scheduling code by syncing with my PC :slight_smile:


I have the same problem. I also noticed that when I browse for a word it shows results from all decks and nit just the current one. Im pretty sure previously it was only the current one.

Same here.

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Thanks for the reports, a fix will be sent to Apple within a few days.


Just waiting for Apple’s approval now.

@DannyAarau I don’t believe the behaviour has changed here. When you open Browse from a deck, deck:current is the default search text, and if you add text after it, it will only search in the current deck.


Thanks, it’s possible, as I only recently added new deck and previously was deleting “deck:current”. It works perfectly when I keep it now. Thank you!

Updated to the new version. It works now! Thanks for the quick remediation!