AnkiMobile: default search all decks

Hi, I’m just wondering if there is a way to remove the “current:deck” default for the card browser on iOS app? Ideally I would like card browser searches to pull from my entire database. Haven’t been able to find this in the manual or forums and it’s a frustrating extra step for me.


If this is an overall AnkiMobile-specific default, there doesn’t appear to be a menu option to change it, so you might be stuck with it.

But this is editable in Anki Desktop – Tools > Preferences > Editing > Browsing. And since AnkiMobile sometimes uses underlying settings that sync over from Desktop, it’s possible that if you change it there, you’ll get the benefit of that on Mobile too. Maybe? Worth a shot?

I’m afraid in this case AnkiMobile doesn’t currently support that desktop option.

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Okay thanks for the feedback!