Is there a Search option in ankiweb forum?

Is there a way to Search in the Anki forum for key words, etc?

Do you mean the search box that appears in the top right? There are also advanced search options under the highlighted button.

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If you mean searching for cards in AnkiWeb, there is a search option, but I guess it doesn’t support the full set of options that exist in the desktop version.


The image you show of the little Search window is what I mean. If I click the blue Search button, it brings up my whole deck in a nice list. Doesn’t that work for you? I hope it works for you.

I want to start a new topic. I tried searching but it only will search in one deck at a time, at least I think so. What I need to know is, how to I type accents in Spanish words?

I can’t start a new topic.

Yes, search in AnkiWeb is limited, as I said. Try the desktop version if you’re not already using it:

Hi abdo, thanks for your message. I’m working ankidesktop and ankidroid pretty well now, having had a rocky beginning.

I’ve decided to make a new Spanish deck called Greetings and Salutations.