Extra fields during import

I wish I could import csv files with more than two fields more easily.

Let’s say I have a csv (technically ssv) file like this;
Anki uses the third fields (the word ‘extra’ in this example) for tags by default.
So in order to add more fields I have to cancel the import.
I need to create a new deck then add a new note, where I can create extra fields, then cancel adding a new note and now, I’m able to assign the third field wherever I want to.
This includes a lot of unnecessary steps.
If only I could create extra fields during import. It would save a lot of time.

Decks and notes have nothing to do with it. Just press Ctrl+Shift+N to add a new notetype or modify an existing one.
It could only be made more convenient if the notetype dialogue accessible from the import dialogue would offer the option to edit fields. But maybe there’s a reason why it doesn’t.

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