Exporting decks problems

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okay straight to the topic. I use Anki on Mac Mini Late 2012. I was using the version 2.15 until today and i had a problem exporting files. The thing is whenever I start the export it just keeps saying "processing and the export keeps increasing in size non-stop until the drive if full. (Screenshot attached). so the export never gets complete. all my decks only take up 16MBs according to my backup in AnkiWeb. but here in the screenshot the export says 17 GB and it would have kept getting larger if i had not force quited the application

today i updated the Anki software to the 2.2 version and this problem still persists.

other pointers/ pieces of info that i think will come in handy

  1. The Anki folder is labeled as Anki2 so i guess my old Anki installation has not been deleted.(see last screenshot)
  2. This is my first time using a mac so installing software from the web was not intuitive as in windows so i think i messed up the first installation (the 2.15 version) somewhere…but the software worked so I went with it. for the 2.29 version though i feel like I installed it cleanly i.e when the dialog box with the Anki icon and the applications folder icon popped up i dragged the Anki icon and added it to applications.

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Older Anki versions had a bug where that could happen if you exported a file into your media folder, but you don’t appear to have done that there? How much media is in your media folder?

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Well there a few videos and a couple of pictures and a lot of screenshots of online classes otherwise it’s made up of word and excel and pdfs.

This might explain the 2.15 acting out but it does not explain why the same problem is happening in the 2.29 version of anki

If you rename the .apkg to .zip can you open it in a program like betterzip? If so, what files does it contain?

Update: When i try saving as .apkg there are no problems but the above problem occurs when the file is saved as .colpkg

Betterzip is not able to open the file. it just keeps loading(bottom left)

I’m not able to reproduce this problem here, so I’m not sure what might be causing it. Does it happen when you turn off exporting of media? If so, perhaps it’s worth going through your media folder to see if something shouldn’t be there like a link to another folder. If problems persist, perhaps a different export location will make a difference?

Hello! again,

First of all im sorry about replying after a while.
Okay i checked my media folder and this is what pops up

Are there any problems here? Like that .colpkg file up there? That folder is 26GBs !!! yikes!


once I removed the .colpkg folder in the media folder the whole problem to fixed!!!. it’s almost as if we removed a tumor from the inside of the Anki system… albeit it was a tumor that I had created by accident when I backed up my collection into the media folder.

Thank you!!!

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