Anki Web Sharing failed

An error occurred while sharing. Please ensure you can export the deck locally using the latest Anki version, then try sharing again. If issues continue, please post on the forums.

I can export the deck locally and there is no issue with the deck that I have found.
What could I do to fix this?

If the local export is over 250MB, you’ll need to split the deck up into multiple parts.

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Thanks dae, that makes sense.
I will just remove the images from the deck.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Noo, it is such a shame I am only 30MB over.
I suppose I can just link to my google drive to download and upload half of it

That’s not a great experience for users. Better to divide it up into first and second parts, and people who like the first half can download the second too.

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I ended up compressing the audio a tad without altering the quality. now it uploads, thanks.

A lot of my sharing problems would have been solved if I could upload decks straight from my computer.
Also being able to edit the description of your deck after it’s been uploaded would be a very welcome feature.

Would be awesome to have these features :slight_smile:

AnkiWeb should have reported to you that the file is too large - if it’s giving you an opaque error, I’ll need to fix that.

It’s currently only possible to update the description by sharing the deck again (keeping the same id) I’m afraid, but this may change in the future.

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