Having trouble sharing my deck via ankiweb

Having trouble sharing my deck via ankiweb

The previous version of the deck is available here:

and my forum page here:
https://forums.ankiweb.net/t/biblical-hebrew-a-basic-introduction-to-by-jo-ann-hackett-950- cards/

I’ve tried a few times and tried renaming the deck to recreate the entry.

Error message:


An error occurred while sharing your deck. Please click back and try again, and if the problem continues, please post on our support site for assistance

The deck is only <45 MiB in size.

previous version of the deck:

total size of deck with media is 44.7MiB.

Please see Can't export Anki deck

If you update to a more recent Anki version, it will tell you the problem if you try to export locally.

Thanks for your reply and thanks for all your work on amazing client/sync service. Anki has helped me greatly in my studies and I’m currently trying to help my peers get started with it =D

Exporting locally seems to work fine.

I am on the latest available in my repositories - 2.1.15+dfsg-1 (Ubuntu 20.04) - which as a dev I get that packaging by distros is a pain to you

I use AnkiDroid Flashcards on Lineage via F-Droid

Glad to hear Anki has helped in your studies :slight_smile: If you’re not able to update to the latest version, you won’t be able to see the error message locally, but the solution is still the same - you need to locate the duplicate card template and remove it, or change it so it’s no longer duplicated.

I don’t know how to identify the duplicate card template - are the same logs being logged anywhere else on prior versions?

happy to try install the tarball to identify, but I felt pretty silly thinking I’d missed something on that post

I’ve also noticed ankiweb counts an unsuccessful share towards your quota of shares in a given week.

I updated and found the problem quickly. The new update has a new look - fresh! =D

I documented it on the previous post:

Can’t export Anki deck

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