Failure to share decks

When I try to share one of my decks, this page is shown, and continues to update per 5 sec for 1h, and I cannot share decks. It also occurs even if the deck has no media files!

You probably had old media files lying around. You appear to have created a new account since posting - have you already resolved your problem?

I had a new account, but I still hope to share in older one. In my old account, I can’t share my deck at all. When I share decks with no cards, and no media files, the same message “Processed 600 media files” is shown, and the message never changes.

Please let me know the account email address privately so I can look up the problem.

I can see a failed share attempt a few days ago that was caused by the deck description being too long. If you’re copying the description in from somewhere else, please try reducing it to fewer than 65,000 characters. There is code on AnkiWeb that should be warning you about this, but for some reason it is not working in your case.