Excessive battery usage?

Damien, I’ve also noticed that Anki drastically drains my (non-Apple) laptop battery as well (e.g., 3 vs 13-17 hours) despite using the ANGLE driver. Do you happen to know if there’s a way around this problem? Thank you!

Hey, M1 are the new Apple made chips, I’m guessing you have a windows PC which will have intel or AMD chips inside, are you saying when Anki runs your laptop only lasts for 3 hours compared to 13-17?. I would say that is abnormal in how much power it’s taking, that seems more to be a bug.

I am. Is there a way to resolve this issue?

I personally wouldn’t know but if you create a new post you might get help :slight_smile:

If you can reproduce the issue without add-ons, the issue may lie in the graphics toolkit Anki is built on. A newer version should hopefully be ready in a few months, and hopefully it will improve on this.

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Thank you, Damien! I really appreciate your response and support! I’ll see whether I can reproduce the problem w/o addons once I have some spare time.