Make Anki run natively on M1

First of all, God bless Anki, I don’t think I would even manage university without it so this isn’t meant to be an expression of frustration just a suggestion.

Currently Anki uses Rosetta 2, which means it works fine however it means that it drains the battery a lot.

With anki on, even on in the background my battery life is almost halved. It means that I am charging my laptop more meaning my battery health will degrade faster.

Not an urgent feature but it would be greatly appreciated, on top of being much more efficient and therefore responsive.

I’m not sure how difficult it would as I don’t code myself but I found this: Apple Developer Documentation

We’re waiting on the libraries Anki is built on to support the M1 natively.

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Hi what is the progress for that looking like so far

It’ll likely be a few more months at the least.

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