MacBook Air M1 Problem

I know other people are using Anki desktop without any issues on their M1 MacBook Air, but it’s just not working on mine.

→I downloaded Anki (from the Anki website) onto my M1 MacBook Air (Monterey OS).
→I moved it into the application folder and the Anki app is there.
→When attempting to launch, I’m prompted to install Rosetta, so I click install.
→After a split second view of a blue installation progress bar, an “unable to check for updates” window appears, and that’s as far as I can go with opening Anki desktop on the M1 MacBook.

I have no problem with Anki desktop on the iMac (Retina 2017), which also runs the Monterey OS. I can’t find any solutions to my problem elsewhere on this forum or the net so far, so if anyone could point me in the right direction, I’d really appreciate the help. Thank you!

Sounds like a macOS/Rosetta bug. Restarting your Mac may help. If not, you could try updating to the latest macOS version, or try the native beta version of Anki.

Thanks, @dae. I tried clearing the cache, restarting, and I re-downloaded the latest macOS version, 2.1.49, but to no avail…

I’m considering trying the beta version as a last resort. But I’ve developed hundreds of cards over the last year and was a little concerned by the point that the beta might change the collection in some way.

If there are any other ideas, I’m all ears. Thanks again.

2.1.50 does not make any changes to the internal database format, so you should be able to freely switch between the two versions.

Thank you very much for the clarification. I will give it a go.

Thanks a million @dae! I successfully installed <anki-2.1.50+beta2_db804d95-mac-qt6-apple.dmg> and it is syncing with my other devices no problem. Much appreciation.