Anki will not open on MacBook Air

I am looking for help. My computer is up to date and I have downloaded the latest version, restarted my computer numerous times, and still Anki will not open.
The application is there and it bounces up and down a little but then I get an error message saying “quit unexpectedly”.
I have seen another forum about trying to access Anki via terminal but even trying that I get the same message.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hope to get help and solve this problem soon.
Thank you in advance.
Screen Shot 2023-11-08 at 8.59.39 AM

Macbook air don’t give us a lot of info, since it could be a version from 2008-2019 or the newly designed M1 and M2, which version of MacOS are you on?

There have been problems with older models which were fixed by using the latest pre-release version

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Macbook Air Mid-2013
Processor: 1.3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5

I hope this helps.

Have you downloaded the latest version, 23.10.1? That should fix the crashes on older macs.

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