Error while backing-up

I am trying to export my anki collection decks to an external hard disc.
But i received this message multiple times.
I disabled all of the Adds-on i instilled.
I restarted Anki several times but without luck

I need you help
Thank you

It turns out that i can export to my local hard disc BUT i cannot export to an external one.

do you guys know how to solve this problem?

Can’t you simply move the exported collection once it’s been exported as a file from the local hard disk to the external one?

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Unfortunately, i cannot. it says that the file is to large to be transferred

I suspect that this is because your external hard disk is formatted with an outdated filesystem (the FAT family) which limits the maximum size of a file on that hard disk. If that is the case, you will never be able to export your collection to that hard disk (as is). The only solution would be to format your hard disk (warning: this erases all the data present on the hard disk you are formatting) with a more modern filesystem, such as NTFS (for which the maximum size of a single file is probably some orders of magnitude larger than your whole hard disk :slight_smile:).

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