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Error sending request for url(): error trying to connect

Anki-Desktop Version 2.1.28 on Windows 10 rev.2004
When I try to sync then the above error occurs. I made the following effort to fix it:

  • Update to 2.1.30: no change
  • deinstalled Anki, restart, new install including deletion of profiles: no change
  • new user in Ankiweb corresponding to new profile in Anki: no change
  • extensive search in google: no findings

Does anyone has the same effect or even better knows a remedy?

Your antivirus or firewall is likely blocking Anki, or your proxy is not configured correctly.

Problem solved.
You are right. I switched off firewall and proxy and the problem disappeared. Not so nice: Switching it on again, the effect did not come back.

For others who might overcome this problem:
The error message persists even when you give wrong login or wrong password. This means the program does not reach password check. The problem is before.

@dae: Thank you for your help.

I was still fighting against this problem until today. Now I know the reason. As dae said the proxi was not configured correctly. But she didn’t say what.
If you also have this problem: If you use a proxi make sure that it is not used for local addresses.