Syncing error message from laptop to Web

For some reason, Anki won’t sync from my laptop to my AnkiWeb, so I can’t use my Anki app on my phone because my most updated Anki usage is from my laptop (and since it can’t sync, my phone is behind on the cards I’ve actually done).

This is what the error message says when it appears when I click sync to Web from my laptop:

"A network error occurred.
Error details: error sending request for url (): connection error: bad protocol version"

I’ve tried whatever I could find online to fix this (FireWall, Proxy error, making a new user account, downloading the most recent version of Anki, etc.), but nothing has worked.

If anyone knows how to fix this, PLEASE respond!! I’m a med student so I really rely on using Anki. But if you could explain in simple terms, that would be great (I don’t understand all the tech terms…)


Please see Error establishing a secure connection when syncing - Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your response, but I have already tried the suggestions from that link and it didn’t work unfortunately.

Is there anything else I can do?

The message implies something is filtering your connection. If you run any antivirus/firewall/proxy/VPN on your machine, that is the likely culprit. If you do not, then my next guess would be the network you are using - it may be worth trying from a different wifi network to see if that helps.

So I’ve already changed the wifi and tried different ones, but that hasn’t worked. How can I fix the Proxy or antivirus on my laptop? It’s a Macbook Pro.

If you have any software like antivirus or filtering software installed on the machine, adding an exception for Anki or temporarily disabling it may help. I’m afraid there is not much I can do to help from this end, as it appears to be something specific to your environment, and is not something I’m able to reproduce here. It looks like a sync was initiated from your computer in the last 24 hours however - did something change?

No, the sync still didn’t work. I’ll take another look at my laptop to triple-check the antivirus software, but I already took it off my laptop a few months ago before this all started. If you can think of any other suggestions, please let me know!