Problem sync-ing for first time - Windows to AnkiWweb

Hi all,

I appreciate you regulary get these but I’ve followed the Guide advice and multiple other troubleshooting attempts but Anki still comes up with this error:

“Syncing failed:
Error establishing a secure connection. This is usually caused by antivirus, firewall or VPN software, or problems with your ISP.”

I’m wondering if I’ve missed something as my technical knowledge is limited, hence why I’m posting. Here are my details and what I’ve tried:

  • I’m on my home Wifi (in Spain), have also tried the sync with my mobile hotspot (different ISP) with same result.

  • I have a Windows 10 though my HP laptop is quite old (8-9 years).

  • I’m using latest Anki - 2.1.49. I also downloaded the Beta version.

  • I use AVG security and VPN software. I have added the following exceptions to the Firewall and have tried regularly with and without the VPN:**
    (when I first added these, it took a lot longer for the error message to appear, almost as if it was working - appreciate this might just be my layperson’s inference!).

  • At one point I uninstalled all of the AVG software, restarted and still had the same error. This felt a bit disproportionate for each sync!

  • I’ve downloaded the 2.1.50 beta version with same results.

I’m a bit stuck. Does anyone have any ideas? And thanks in advance for reading/suggestions!

Please double-check the version you’re running in the Help>About screen - that message looks like something that would appear in older Anki versions. What error message do you get when you try the 2.1.50 release candidate?

Hi @dae, thanks for your response. Time for a huge facepalm.

The version from the Help>About screen came up as 2.0.51, which I thought was v odd. I think what has happened is the version I had pinned to my taskbar remained at a much older version. I’ve gone into the app on the desktop and it’s the 2.1.49 version, and the sync has (finally!) worked.

Thanks so much, it was the jolt I needed to realise what was wrong, and so sorry for taking up your time.

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