Anki not syncing / showing errors

Newly installed Anki not syncing.
Tried using both version 2.1.64 and 2.1.65 on different networks but the issue persists. Tried uninstalling antivirus, disabling firewall yet the same result. Any help will be appreciated.

That error typically is caused by some sort of filtering on your machine (eg firewall or antivirus), or on the network you are connected to.

I uninstalled the antivirus and turned off the firewall and then tried using different wifi but it still shows the same error. :confused:

I even reset the windows yet the issue persists.

Another possibility is connectivity issues from your region or country. I’m afraid aside from trying a VPN, there may not be much you can do except try again later.

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Tried syncing using a vpn and it finally worked. Looks like that was the problem.Thanks alot your help.

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