Anki not synchronizing

For months now I haven’t been able to synchronize my anki to ankiweb. Every single time I do that I get this message error. I already chance machines with the same answer. I followed all the tips I saw using my old laptop, but this laptop is brand new, but still has the same problem.

Is there any way to change that? I use the latest version of Anki
Screenshot 2021-07-25 205015

It’s likely either antivirus or firewall software on your machine, or some sort of filtering being done on the network connection you are using.

It’s a new machine. So I really don’t see what could cause that. I have a VPN, but I already went through all of the verifications to make sure it isn’t that. My firewall is deactivated. I tried it with 2 differents WLAN. I really have no idea what’s not working.